What Do We Do?

ECD Ventures is an Angel Investment Firm that encourages innovation, creativity and cross-market growth. We work with startups in different domains including EdTech, Healthcare, Urbanization and AI for Human Care.

As author Salman Rushdie puts it, “The only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step out of the frame.” At ECD, we believe in nurturing “out-of-the-box” ideas and inventions. We have provided pro bono mentoring assistance for several startups to help them understand different aspects of their business.

Why Should You Work with us?

If you’re the owner of a startup or a group of individuals wishing to set up a startup, here’s why you would want to explore our assistance.


We at ECD believe that human beings have been created to serve various purposes and it is up to us to recognize that purpose and focus our actions towards fulfilling that purpose.

Hungry for change

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and enhance our solutions. At ECD, we firmly believe that change is constant and essential for growth. We have a huge appetite for change and motivate startup owners to openly embrace change as the first step towards progress.

Intellectually inquisitive

An entrepreneur’s mind is akin to that of a child—full of questions and a burning desire to actively seek answers to these questions. At ECD Ventures, we encourage this entrepreneurial spirit and constantly push startups to achieve the unthinkable.


The most successful entrepreneurs are those who have listened to their inner voice and have acted accordingly. The whole world might be against you, but if you act as per the directions of your internal voice, then you’re sure to achieve success in your endeavors.

Expert mentors

Prior to establishing a startup, the individual(s) involved is/are constantly thinking about various things such as “Is this the right thing to do?” “Would I be able to receive adequate funding for my project?” “How would people react when we approach them?” and so on. We understand this mindset and are eager to help you overcome every obstacle in order to reach your goal. Hence, we provide you with a team of expert mentors who will guide you through the process of establishing a startup and empower you with information about various facets of your business.

Exposure to Global Market

In today’s globalized world, it is important to stay abreast with the latest developments and marketing trends across the world. Our experts are well versed in global marketing trends and best practices. Hence, we offer marketing insights from a global perspective.

High Integrity

Ethics play an important role in any business. Our team is bound together by a set of guiding principles/values and that’s what keeps us going.

Vision and Mission

We wish to increase awareness and help people understand:

  • How technology can solve day-to-day human problems.
  • How affordable solutions can be provided.


Values and Philosophy

Our aim is to work with some of the brightest minds, scale the product and develop a sound ecosystem.